The Uncertainties

What if……you are given a single ticket to enter one of the entrances above?
Just one pass.

Where will you go? if you choose the wrong choice, what can possibly happen?  There are no detours.  You need to find the exit.

No clue, shucks! Pray for luck, hope for the best.  You choose the nearest arch.

Game over!

Let’s turn to realities of negotiation.  Often, there are level of uncertainties.  Either the people on the other side remain silent or doesn’t react proactively – despite their expression of interest, you wonder how the end goal will be.

Take a wrong move, you get rejected.
Go on the offensive, how will the folks feel about it?

Is deal making then about speculation, a game of roulette or an intellectual simulation of conversations that lead to assumed probabilities?


My name is Ken Tan, based in the tropical island of Singapore.

This is why I have set up this website to dive deep into sales coaching.  It’s a great one-on-one to bring you closer to your favorable sales outcome,  to ensure you are on the right track to closing.  And you get the rewards – the lucrative commission.

Entrepreneur needing to secure partnerships?  You are able to anticipate headwinds and take measures to circumvent it, forge connections and secure win-win.


Be well equipped to exude excellent salesmanship, negotiate with conviction and walk in confidence to bag deals.  Your adversaries are happy to receive concessions, you are thrilled to earn something valuable in return.

Just don’t let deals slip away without knowing the reasons.

Even for non-salespeople, you have an edge over others.  Selling is a skill used in all industries, every moment in your lives. Through coaching, you get to know how to sell internally within an organization and communicate externally in specific situations.   There are tailor-made modules to suit your style and pace.

Find out why you need to engage with us.  Complimentary consultation up for grabs!

There are also ready available programs for you – for start-ups to negotiation classes. Very small groups, of up to 4 participants interacting with live exercises.

Get tips about selling and closing, it’s on us!