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What if……there are 3 choices and you need to make a decision in 10 minutes?
There are no answers, no clues.

What will you do?

Pray for luck, hope for the best.

Game over!
You choose the wrong option.

What if……you take 10 minutes to negotiate instead, persuade the other party to give 1 option?  It’s either he take it or leave it.

Can this really happen?

Let’s turn to realities of negotiation.  Often, there are level of uncertainties.  Either the people on the other side remain silent or flatly reject you.  Or you decide to change tactic and turn the situation to your favour.

This is part of deal-making.

It’s an intellectual simulation of conversations that lead to assumed probabilities – and drawing out various information that lead to an effective result.  The elements of people, things and documents are inter-changeable.

My name is Ken Tan, a Deal-Maker, Business Advisor and Certified Career Coach based in the tropical island of Singapore.

I have built my track record in sales with more than 10 years experiences in Asia Pacific. Moved on to hunt for private deals within my circle of competence.

And I secure my investment in early stage start-ups after screening them out.

You can too.

The first step is to be competent in selling.

In sales, it’s a mutual point of consensus reached with all parties satisfied. Essentially, it’s about the people and process.


Even non-salesperson needs to sell.

  • You lead the presentation.  The audience is sold
  • Negotiate your remuneration.  You get a pay raise
  • You haggle the price of a bag.  The shopkeeper agrees
  • Launch a product.  Consumers buy it after listening to you
  • You talk about partnerships.  He jumps onboard and work with you

Selling is anytime, anywhere.

There are both ways to look at it:

  1. Learn key techniques of selling, negotiation and closing – for non salespeople (you need to sell) and current salespeople who are struggling to make an impact
  2. Develop a personal toolkit to be a Deal Maker


Get a Coach to guide you.

Here are some tips about selling and closing,