A Coach evaluates your current situation and works with you to reach a specific objective. The Coach assesses, listens and offers advisory – at times, take on the role of a Consultant to get you up to speed.

At dealgowhere.com: you can have the option of

  1. Grasping the success of selling through a Sales Coach
  2. Get advice on having a toolkit for Deal Making

Sales Coach

The Dilemma for Salespeople
Many salespeople start off without proper guidance, depending largely on in-house training from companies who in turn doesn’t have a robust framework. There is also a lack of time set aside to train Sales Professionals and insufficient platform for the incumbents to explore and craft their personal style of selling.

Often, the salesperson follows a Sales Manager for understudy. But humans are wired differently, so are salespeople. Therefore, there will be varying results.

Can expectation be met?

Quicker ones are able to catch the nuances (even if they do, they end up not understanding their personal way of selling) while slower ones need more time to explore – usually left alone to figure out after asking intermittent clarifying questions.

Even if there is a buddy-to-buddy system, folks may tend to be more reserved in an unfamiliar environment. The less confident salesperson feels uninspired, sometimes find it hard to voice out to his superior for fear of losing out. He/she has fragmented thoughts on business development and client retention. It will get to a point that salespeople get stressed over numbers, didn’t perform and eventually get fired.


Sales Coaching
This is why the power of coaching to engage and clear doubts. The Coach is able to draw out a salesperson’s strengths and abilities.

For example, the Sales Coach comes in to elicit solutions. He is there to assist you to apply new learning, to support, to hear out, to ask deep questions and to guide where you feel will steer the process towards sustainable sales success.

Soar high, be transformed!

He doesn’t need to be an expert in your industry; all he needs is to unlock your thought process and you are able to figure out new ways to get your client sold.

Bear in mind that there is no 100% guarantee, no one will claim to do so in a legitimate coaching field. Because it’s about you who has the desire to make it.

And the Sales Coach is here to motivate and truly deliver a rewarding one-to-one experience.

Sales professionals run dry in the middle of the sales process. They get pressured by the management, clients didn’t respond in real-time or they hit a sticky roadblock. They find it awkward to discuss with their counterparts.

So, why not turn to Sales Coach for independent help?

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Alternatively, you can buy Credits for:

60 MINUTES – S$99.00
120 MINUTES – S$199.00

Deliverable: by phone, Skype or face-to face (for anyone in Singapore)

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Coach for advice on Deal Making

You will like to source for independent, unbiased advice on a potential deal in an e-commerce start-up. Or you are currently negotiating a stake in a traditional small business such as café.

Probably, you are a new starter keen to develop a basic framework to screen and shortlist feasible deals.

Whatever the basic reason and you need a toolkit to start, dealgowhere.com is your solution. The Coach is able to work out a bespoke package. (by number of hours)

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