Salesmanship for Executives


Day Program:
Number of hours:      8
Time:                           10am to 6pm
Participant/s:             1 to 4 per session

Module 1:
Charismatic selling – why you can do it

Module 2:
Build a client-centric business as a “Hunter” and a “Farmer”

Module 3:
Engage & Persuade: identify signals, listen and ask great questions

Module 4:
Intelligent Deal Maker or a Rule-Based Salesman?

Who should attend:
This is a basic program. For Sales Executives who just started out and aspiring people who will like to be future Sales Managers

What you will get:
You won’t be a slick salesman selling watches from pockets but you can be one who understands the science (and art) of selling, therefore climb up to be exceptional

Our Approach:
Fun and interactive mix of practical exercises, role plays, scenarios and case studies

S$499.00 per person

Salesmanship for Executives

Learn about the power of selling effectively without being a hard-nosed salesperson! It's a permanent skill that you can use anytime, anywhere.