Why us

The key question you will ask is – what makes Dealgowhere.com special?

The Breadth and Depth
(real-time track record, vast experiences and I mean “Regional Expertise”) 

For a Sales Coach to be effective, he must have “been there, done that.” Meaning, he must be in the actual business of selling, the business of making B2B deals.  Average deal ranges from high five-figure to high six-figure USD$.

He must be an exceptional and consistent performer who excel in cross-border negotiation, understand the implication of cultural differences in Asia. How one sells in South Korea differs from Thailand or in Malaysia.

This is who we are.

A Sales Coach needs to have broad selling experiences with at least 5 years of experiences or more.  He/she needs to have a robust track record and a worldly knowledge of things in economies and the corporate world.

Lastly, the passion to make an impact on new salespeople. Hence, we select Coaches of specific qualities to make sure they know what they do.

Not a box, a strong profile – that’s us!

Sales Sustainability

It’s very easy to be a top salesperson in this month but falter the next.  Few will have been the cream of the crop for 10 years consecutively due to the cyclical nature of the job, depending on the industry volatility – for example the highs and lows of the oil business.  Reality is, he can make mistakes or fail to clinch any deals.

He must learn how to pick up, reflect and transform to be better; if not a better salesperson than before.

A better way to do it is to leverage on a Sales Coach and Trainer.  And this guy who you place the trust on must exude consistent performance over time. With quality comes stronger output. Then, you can develop a new way of selling that yields excellent outcome.

We have that.  This will be the benefit of using us – Dealgowhere.com

What we do NOT believe in
For this reason, this explains why Dealgowhere.com doesn’t focuses on any flowery language, neither big fonts that scream right in front of you that says “money back guarantee, 100% return on your investment or you will be a super duper salesman the world ever know”.

It never happens. NEVER.  No one in business development can even claim that their revenue will quadrupled in x years.  Much less us. The key is to make sure our client learn how to be sustainable in selling over time – yet be happy, be satisfied.

We have the tools to make sure you, as a new client, understand this.   We are here to support you, uncovering gems that may not be discovered within you.

Practical Approach – cut out the theory please!

Selling is dynamic, there is no single size to fit every person.  Neither a fundamental prescription. But there is a framework, some call it a foundation to lean on.

Rather than the usual academic stuff, we believe in application.  This means you will be inserted into scenarios. Observe how you will react.  You have to participate in negotiating situations; sometimes tough, sometimes tricky.

The role play helps you think through and react towards different stimuli thrown at you.  And there will be hands-on exercises for your key takeaways.  Through the “see” and “feel”, you will develop a sense of where you are right now and how you can perform better in selling.

For non-salesperson, this will be a great eye-opener!

Sales Coaching – the unique model

There is a slight difference between coaching and consulting.  Consulting offers list of recommendation, a Coach doesn’t. Coaching helps a client improve their performances, creates an action plan and enhances their marketability (i.e. building a better sales record).  Coaches doesn’t waves a magic wand to provide go-to answers.

Only you, the client knows the industry quirkiness, knows the client’s profile.  You are the expert. Not the Coach.  The Coach is here to expand your strength in selling.

He is able to bring the best out of you in during the sales process. This is done using a unique, custom  model – tailor fit into your current position.

At an affordable rate, lesser than what you spend on a brand, new iPhone.


Flat fee, no hidden cost

No upsell, no additional fees.  What you see is what you get.  Actually, there is a discounted price for all ready available programs. Plus one hour complimentary consultation (only for sales coaching).  The only extra cost incurred will be the venue rental which unfortunately in Singapore, there are no free, enclosed spaces. (unless you know one, tell us!)

You may wonder about effects of coaching and why it exist.   It’s customised and tailored to fit into the scope of a salesperson’s current situation and where he/she will like to be in future.  We also provide off-the-shelf programs such as for start-ups and for non-salesperson.

For more tips about selling – feel free to browse our complimentary resources.